who we are

we are a car company made up of talented people from all over the world. we strive to create customer experiences that bring passion, and trust to our customers.

the best in the automotive industry have converged here to deliver quality products, elegant design, personalized service and pleasant customer experience around the needs of consumers.

looking for strategic partners

we are looking for partners to share the achievements of qoros and deliver our passion to our customers.

we are looking for experts in the automotive industry who understand and share our vision to build exceptional customer experiences, business philosophy is customer-centric and never compromise on quality.

we are looking for sincere business friends who have have full confidence in qoros brand contribute to the development of the qoros brand to share the joy of success with us.


1. willingness:interested in becoming an overseas distributor of qoros brand, with full of confidence in the development of qoros brand in the local market.

2. capital: have the land ownership or the right to use the site that meets the construction requirements of qoros brand distributors. have the financial strength corresponding to the scale of qoros brand distributors, and have sufficient operating capital and financing capacity.

3. experience: the applicant or the partners or the intended operators have more than 2 years of automobile sales and service experience in the automobile industry with advanced management. the applicant has the ability or intention to set up a team of people who meet the standards of qoros, such as sales, service, marketing, network sales, etc.